Boom Pirates Slot Game

There are many different slot games which can be enjoyed online. This is because there are exceptional casino software developers who produce these games for the pleasure of casino enthusiasts. It is always exciting to learn about some of the newer ones. One that is getting a lot of attention is Boom Pirates.

Microgaming and Foxium

These are two very well known brands in the online casino industry. It is not unusual for entities such as these to partner up on occasion, to be able to deliver something new and exciting to the online casino action. That is exactly what Microgaming and Foxium have done with the introduction of the slot game Boom Pirates.

The Theme

As can be guessed by the name of the slot, it revolves around pirates. What adds to the excitement of the game, is that it tells the story of the pirates themselves. It is the type of theme which can get the player caught up in the action. When first introducing this slot, a promo video was released, and this set the anticipation for the release of the slot.

The Game Basics

There can be five to nine reels available for the gameplay. On each reel, there can be a range of four to six symbols. The range for potential wins is vast, as it can be as little as 1024 ways, up to 10077696 ways. This alone is what makes this particular slot impressive. For most, they want to know just how much they can win. The answer is up to 3800 times the total stake, or in other words, up to $190000. This may not be as big as some of the jackpot slots are, but it’s not an amount which anyone would be disappointed to win.

The Betting Options

Players have the option to bet as little as $0.10 or up to $30 per spin.


The possibility of the expansion of the reels is just one feature. Then along with this, there are a variety of random features. For example, the boom pirates just might shoot their cannons at the reels, and when they do, something exciting can happen.