Most Unique Online Casinos

There are the most popular online casinos, the fan favourites, but there are also some extremely unique online casinos. Many of these casinos are lesser-known, but are actually extraordinary in what they offer, each being unique in their own right. Let’s explore some of the world’s most exclusive online casinos:

  • Ikibu Casino; this online casino has only been around since 2016. It is more than just a platform to log in and play games, and actually offers players the opportunity to navigate different worlds and places online, similar to a video game. Winning games and accepting challenges earn players points, which are seeds in the game. The more seeds players receive, the more villages, places and levels they access and prizes, free spins and bonuses they are entitled to.
  • Casino Heroes; combining two of society’s favourite things; superheroes and online gaming. This casino is a role-playing and immersive experience for players who pick their character and channel their inner superhero to navigate adventures, unlock levels and complete challenges. The experience is entirely unique, and reviews indicate players appreciate the challenge of unlocking new games.
  • Play OJO Casino; perhaps not a superhero game, and maybe not as exciting as the casinos mentioned above, what makes this online casino unique, is its focus and emphasis on transparency. They aim to enhance the player experience and do so by offering no wagering requirements, and no fine print. At this online casino, what you see is truly what you get; no surprises or hidden conditions. Their loyalty program, known as OJOplus is also unique and different from many other casinos, as it actually provides cashback on players’ bets, each and every time.
  • 888 Ladies; this casino is unique as it caters primarily to women, offering a welcoming space for female gamblers, from beginners all the way to expert. They offer great bonuses, and a good selection of games, as well as bonuses, with a fresh and feminine touch.

There are many other unique online casinos which exist if you really look for them. Make sure to choose one that suits your needs and playing style.